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The Overview

Speak Your Truth is a private Facebook support group that amplifies the voices of victims and survivors of domestic violence by identifying the abuse, connecting the victim to resources, providing emotional support, and celebrating freedom. I started this group after my personal post went viral in February of 2019. After one year of the group's existence, we needed a website.


The Problem

Speak Your Truth not only shares stories and encourages hundreds of victims daily, it also contains an immense amount of resources and information helpful for victims coming out of abuse. We needed to create a website that not only captured all of these resources but was also user friendly to victims. Most other educational or nonprofit websites for domestic violence are created in a way to explain what the organization does and it's different branches, rather than being created specifically for a victim on their journey out of abuse.


The Solution

I spent four months and well over 100+ hours putting together probably the most comprehensive website for domestic violence or abuse out there - specifically targeting the four different points of a victim's journey: 1) discovering that what they're experiencing is abuse, 2) figuring out how to leave and what resources they need, 3) learning how to heal once they are free, and 4) giving back to help others who are in earlier stages of the journey.