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The Overview

Solidarity is a nonprofit located in Fullerton, CA that exists to equip Latinx, immigrant families for neighborhood transformation. They have a variety of programs / facets of justice, and needed a brochure to explain who they are, what they do, and why they do it.


The Problem

Solidarity kept running into problems with their donors not fully understanding what their mission as an organization was. They had a variety of facets such as after-school programs, immigration services, youth groups, an orphanage branch in Brasil, and businesses that make money for the nonprofit. Additionally, they were trying to launch a coaching program to train churches their model of impact. It was confusing even for staff to explain what Solidarity's cohesive mission was. 

Therefore, they needed a brochure that they would hand out at their annual fundraising banquet to help explain to new donors/partners who they were and why they did what they did.


The Solution

I designed an acordian-fold brochure and a pouch to keep it in (which also held important contact information.) One side of the brochure explained the different focus areas of the organization (Local, National, International, and Enterprises) where someone could "join in" to volunteer or partner in some way, and the other side of the brochure invited churches to "get trained," explaining more of their mission behind what they do as well as gave quotes from different leaders on how the organization has brought dramatic change to different neighborhoods, churches and individuals in Fullerton.