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I grew up in a small dutch town in northwest Washington called Lynden, where I was introduced to graphic design from a young age. Sick of the rain, I came down to southern California to get my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Biola University.

After graduating college in three years, I married and moved away to Augusta, Georgia. Unfortunately, after a three and a half years of enduring abuse in the marriage, I finally opened up to close friends about what I was experiencing and was encouraged to leave and find safety. 

After moving back to Fullerton, CA, my journey towards healing began. I wrote a Facebook post about my story in February of 2019, to spread awareness about abuse. The post went viral and I now manage a private Facebook group for DV survivors called Speak Your Truth. We have over 17K members worldwide!

Needless to say, domestic violence has become a major passion of mine. I believe no one should feel unsafe in their own home, and I use my freelance design business to support non-profits who offer resources to DV survivors.

Fun facts!

I had purple hair for about two years.

My favorite color! I still miss it so much and really felt most myself while having purple hair. But I definitely do NOT miss the upkeep. It just fades too fast, such a pain!


I love cats & have a kitty named Olive.

I'm obsessed! I got Olive about a year after I left my abusive marriage. It was a big moment for me as I sadly had to say goodbye to 2 cats in the process of leaving.

I have a partial sleeve floral tattoo (sorry mom).

Each flower represents a community or person who helped me escape the abuse. Soon I'll be getting a sparrow in flight on my shoulder!

Give Ten Co. started as an idea while I was working for Solidarity in Fullerton, CA. I recognized the nonprofit's need for financial support while also being surrounded with incredible artists. To aid the nonprofits I was associated with, I decided I would give 10% of my proceeds as a freelance artist towards a local nonprofit and encourage others to do the same.


Over the last three years, I have raised over $3700 for local charities. Right now with my recent history of domestic violence, I am giving to Laura's House, an incredible DV shelter in Orange County, CA.


Give Ten Co.


My graphic & web design packages are personally tailored for each individual customer and project. I understand that each project is unique and has equally unique demands. Generally speaking, I charge $50/hr. Please contact me today so I can offer you a free quote and assist you in your design needs! And remember, 10 cents of every dollar you spend with me goes towards assisting domestic violence survivors.

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